Selkäranka - punainen unikko - Tapetti - close-up

Tove Berggren

Tove Berggren is a trained artist and established designer from Småland, Sweden. Tove has been active in the art industry and created designs for well-known fashion brands such as HenLue lisäärik Vibskov, Hussein Chalayan and House of Dagmar, and for established department stores such as Åhléns, Indiska and Hemtex. Since 2016, Tove has created collections under her own clothing brand; Berggren Studio. In collaboration with Photowall, Tove Berggren has created the Communication wallpaper collection.

Tove draws inspiration for her designs from the elements of nature and from the possibility of humankind coexisting in harmony with our earth. One inspiration is the relationship between humans and nature; the way in which natural patterns are found in the human body. Tree leaves have nerves similar to human blood vessels. Everything is interconnected and everything needs nutrition. Tove Berggren mixes styles in her work, using simple shapes characterised by Scandinavian aesthetics.

The Communication wallpaper collection celebrates the ongoing communication between humankind and nature. Communication is a reflection of our time, climate change and the interaction between earth, body and mind. This wallpaper collection is about living within the framework of what our globe provides for, meaning that we need to protect the air, the oceans, the earth and the forests.

In the Communication wallpaper collection, we see earth (Leaves and Forest), water (Wave), the human body (Backbones) in light blue-grey tones (air) and in flaming red (fire).

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