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Maryam Aljaderi

Maryam Aljaderi is a self-taught artist with a Kurdish background, born in 1985 and currently working in Stockholm. She has always been curious about humanity, which is often expresseLue lisääd in her art. Maryam's breakthrough came when she received media attention for her unpolished portraits of several Swedish artists and musicians. Her style can be described as a raw, colourful mix of pop art, graffiti and street art. Her works comprise powerful brushstrokes, contrasting details and expressive splashes.

For Photowall, Maryam Aljaderi has created a dynamic, viable, youthful collection with a lot of daring. The Vigorous collection is an ode to solidarity, sisterhood and the equal value of all people. Each wallpaper motif in the classy collection is named after an inner quality that will inspire and act as a thoughtful reminder in everyday life.

The inspiration behind the wallpaper collection has been to draw attention to different aspects and highlight something other than traditional, stereotypical portraits of women.

“I wanted to convey a combination of the gentle, loving, strong and tough in my motives. The idea that women can be both gentle and tough,” says Maryam Aljaderi.

The Vigorous collection consists of four wallpaper motifs and is sold exclusively at Photowall. The motifs are also available as canvases and posters.

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