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Jonna Hallberg

Jonna Hallberg is a Stockholm-based illustrator, designer and artist educated at Konstfack in Stockholm and Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, USA. The motifs in the ResiliLue lisääence collection are strongly connected to places that Jonna both knows and wants to get to know, landscapes inspired by both real places and fictional.


Jonna Hallberg's motifs would be almost too beautiful for this world if she had not skillfully let the black tones claim their space in the motifs. The artworks are peaceful depictions of frozen moments from fantastic places, filled with strength and inspiration from nature. Serene paintings that are pleasing to the eye but that in their clean appearance also fit well as an atmospheric background.

The motifs are imaginative and painted by hand with watercolour and have then been processed digitally to fit the technical requirements our high quality wallpapers faces. In large wall format, the spectator can see each brushstroke and the fine surface structure of a watercolour paper without losing the experience of the handmade feeling.

Jonna Hallberg has in an effortless and natural way that few are gifted with managed to capture the sought after core of the watercolour painting, the light and the air, without losing presence in the image. She has seamlessly managed to combine her analog craft with the digital work and the result feels like the most natural thing.

At the sight of the favourite wallpaper "Cliff" you can almost feel the fresh wind from the sea and splashes of salt on your face. The timeless colour scale is toned down and goes from light gray to dark black with blue tones in it.

The Resilience collection consists of five carefully selected wallpaper motifs as well as a number of posters and paintings. All motifs have their own expressions and unique environments so that you can create your own favourite place in your home. This collection is best suited for those who long for their own spiritual space to be in or for those who need a new horizon to look out over.
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