I Madickens Kaupunki - Tapetti - Lastenhuone

Astrid Lindgren & Ilon Wikland

Astrid Lindgren, was a Swedish children's book, songwriter and screenwriter and is today known worldwide for her well-written children's books. Astrid's main illustrator she worked thLue lisääe closest together with was Ilon Wikblad, who gave life to the idyllic children's books by his drawings such as Madicken, Bröderna Lejonhjärta, Ronja Rövardotter and many more.

Decorate the children's room with motifs by Astrid Lindgren & Ilon Wikland

Madicken, is an Astrid Lindgren character, who lives on the farm "Junibacken" in a Swedish small town during the First World War. She lives together with her family which consists of her mother, father and the younger sister Lisabet. Madicken's real name is Margareta Engström. Astrid Lindgren wanted to be absolutely sure that the children would understand the characters in her fairy tales, and express the right message. Therefore, Ilon Wikblad had to make several pencil sketches to finally achieve the perfect result. Ilon Wikland's artwork of Madicken is available as posters, and canvas prints at us!

Mio min Mio, is an adventurous novel written by Astrid Lindgren that tells the story about the nine-year-old Bosse, who leaves Sweden at the time, and lands in the fictional world - “Land in distance”. There he is commissioned to fight the evil knight Kato, who is the enemy in the story. This novel was first published in 1954, and is still very popular among Astrid's fairy tales. Ilon Wikland created beautiful art for this saga, which is available as posters and canvas prints at us

The brothers Lionheart, is a fantasy/adventure novel by Astrid Lindgren and the story touches on unusually heavy and dark themes, such as illness and death, combined with brighter themes such as sibling love, loyalty and hope. The book is based on the story of the two brothers Jonatan and Karl Lejonhjärta in Nangijala, where the brothers live an adventurous life. Together with others, they fight the battle against the evil Tengil's oppression and the dragon Katla. Ilon Wikland sketched and created emotional and touching motifs for this story, which gave the story even more life and color. Just like all the other Astrid Lindgren fairy tales.

Explore and get inspired by Astrid Lindgren's beautiful motifs illustrated by Ilon Wiklands, available as posters and canvas prints here.

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