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DesignSalong – Celestial North




DesignSalong – Celestial North

"The Celestial North collection is meticuosly drawn, layer by layer, to create a series of timeless designs. It is crafted to give your rooms an ambiance of subduded beauty and refineLue lisääment, year after year. The soft and muter colors are carefully selected and matched, bringing calm and harmony, but also texture and life to your walls. The name of the collection, Celestial North, refers to the ever shifting weather and light, seen in the constand ripples on the fjord, the etheral clouds in the sky, or in the organic formations in the coastal landscape. Relying on my skills and experience as an interior designer and architect, I have strived to create a collection that will work in any space, be an old cottage, a new bulilt home, a flat or a penthouse in the city. It has been designed to work well as a mural, but you can also go «all in» and use it to adorn all the walls in a room, surrounding you with the feeling of soft colour, texture and tactility." – Elisabeth Ellefsen, DesignSalong.

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