Dandelions are a much talked about and noticed plant. For many, they bring a sense of nostalgia and childhood to the everyday life of an adult. Memories of plucking the flower petals,Lue lisää blowing on the seeds, rubbing the yellow parts against the skin to create a new 'look'. All of these and much more will be evoked in the viewer upon seeing a dandelion canvas print. In this collection, paintings include some of the 250 species of dandelions - Japanese white flower, the endangered California dandelion, northern dandelion, Turkish dandelion, the Japanese (yellow flower) dandelion, Russian dandelions (which produce rubber), red seeded dandelions, and many other variations of the simple yellow flower. The dandelion is a relation to the daisy, although it is in its own family.

A mythical flower

Dandelions appear in myths and folklore going back centuries. They span many cultures, and have a lot of meanings and uses depending where you live. Some believe that if they are woven into your wedding bouquet, it is good luck for newlywed couples. In dream interpretation, dandelions are positive. Blowing the seeds of a dandelion away can send your loving thoughts to someone you care about or help to make a wish come true. A set of canvas prints can show dandelions by colour or size, country or special use. For centuries, dandelions have been used for things such as tea, wine, medicinal herbs, common salads, and artists' painting pigments. Some types are safe, while others are toxic, giving rise to tales of mystery and intrigue alongside stories of simple farm folk brightening up the dinner offerings with this popular yellow flowered plant. Dandelion leaves and root are said to be good for a number of conditions, including detoxification, inflammation, digestion, and for the high sources of some vitamins. They also look striking in a garden of green or a wild field mixed in with other flowers. Green, purple, orange, red, and other colours of dandelions are featured in patterned canvas prints. Abstracts in red, fields of dandelions in multiple colours, and contrasting colour art deco style looks can match any home or office decor. A single painting can tell a story or showcase a favoured species, depending on your preference. Paintings of dandelions sunbathing, storing wishes, floating on the wind are available in a variety of sizes. Add to an existing canvas print collection, or create a whole new one from the plant artwork of the dandelion.

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